Giving Endless Pathways & Possibilities Through Education & Skills Development

We are proud of our story. Kefilwe Tsela is an African Setswana name which means  “I have been given a way”.  We are fanatical and passionate about skills development, education & training. We believe that behind a great nation, is great education and skills development, and we exist to be at the forefront of carving that greatness. 


Learning that is REALISTIC

Upskill for the future

We are a dynamic and innovative SKILL building Academy, dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to achieve their full potential and excel in their chosen fields.


We work with corporate companies, non-profit organisations, colleges and schools to upskill the next generation of extraordinary citizens. Our programs are fun, memorable and unforgettable, with focus up-skilling and re-skilling,  and inspiring life-long learning as a pathway to success and innovation.

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We are an award winning youth-led organization

We are an award winning youth-led organization. Active in the skills development, education and training domain. We empower organizations of all types with the skills they need to succeed in a dynamic environment. Our portfolio of training courses delivers practical solutions for all types and sizes of public and private sector clients, including major organisations, SMEs, and professionals.



Explore our course brochures to find out accurate details on what we deliver during the training. View Training Catalogue


Our 4 Core Service Offering

Corporate Training

Companies need employees and leaders that are agile, can adapt and continuously upskill. We upskill and reskill employees to excel in their fields through comprehensive and carefully curated training programs.

Small Business Development

Business skills are essential, but training is often expensive and out of reach of small, start-up businesses. We provide essential business skills for small business teams, with a promise of quality at a price you can afford.

Entrepreneurship Academy

Entrepreneurship development training programs are designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to start, grow, and sustain successful ventures.

Skills Development

We provide capacity building programs, developing and strengthening the skills, abilities that organizations to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world. We develop and deliver curated workshops based on specific client needs.


People Trained


Quality Clients



A message from the founder Kefilwe Lekabe

The 'Why' Behind Kefilwe Tsela

Our mission is to reach out to people from all walks of life, regardless of their backgrounds, communities, partnerships, races, religions, or abilities. Our goal is to empower everyone we encounter to gain the skills, knowledge, qualifications, and information they need to enhance their lives, communities, and families.

I am pleased to witness the impact of our programs on the lives of our participants. The testimonials of individuals who have found new opportunities, honed their talents, and achieved personal milestones are a testament to the meaningful work we are doing. Looking ahead, I am excited about the possibilities that lie before us. As the demand for new skills continues to evolve, we must remain at the forefront of innovation and adaptability. Our shared goal is to be a beacon of excellence, providing education and training that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our learners and industry partners.

Let us continue to collaborate, inspire, and innovate as we shape the future of learning and skill development. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence.

Why choose to work with us?

Future-proof your skills

Many companies promise good training, but are they actually delivering it? Are they able to see the problem from your perspective and truly understand your needs?

We believe that the key to success is our ability to meet our client’s expectations with enough flexibility to ensure that we go all the way to complete the project. We promise innovative and new ways of learning. We promise to be relevant and up-to-date with our offerings. We are always a young dynamic team with a competitive edge. We stay ahead of the trends and keep delivering results that matter.

A powerful platform that grows with you

Make each moment, a moment of skill development, learning and expansion.

Learn everyday and master any skill with our  online learning platform- Bokamoso. Bokamoso means “the future”, and it is a platform that will future-proof your skills.

Our platform offers a wide range of micro-learning courses, curated from real-life experiences, resources, tools, opportunities, mentorship, and on-demand live video sessions.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, a young professional, student, hustler, solopreneur, we have one thing in common upskilling you, and we will give you just the right skills and training to achieve it.

What you can expect:

  • On-demand content and resources for professional and career development
  • Affordable online courses in the skills you need
  • Mentorship & coaching from those who have been there, done that 
  • Connecting you with other like minded individuals
  • A social networking group for collaborations
  • Access to opportunities and resources 

Discover the companies we've helped succeed.

We have served  a diverse range of companies across various industries. Our track record speaks for itself. We take pride in being a trusted partner.


Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Behind txahe word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

We would love to become your trusted training provider

What training services do you need us to deliver to your business? Send us a message with a brief description of your  training needs iand we will get in contact with you.

Our training programs are aligned with the competence level and needs of the small business owners and their team. We cover subjects ranging from business essentials, marketing, finan­cial management, digital skills, and business plan development, writing and presentation.

We provide Workplace Learning Solutions. We curate skills development and training needs – by considering the employees, company standards, industry principles and global best practice methodologies

We believe skills development is a key factor that promotes economic growth and social development.  We provide capacity building training programs on various topics and for various sectors. We also have Skills Development initiatives help to level the playing field and reduce inequality in the economy.

At Kefilwe Tsela, we deliver and facilitate entrepreneurship training programs to aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Our programs are dynamic, experiential and immersive, designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving world of business and entrepreneurship.

Choose a Service for your needs.

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